Tutorial to Use My Room Plan Application

Knowing your room plan/finding the room specs

There are several ways to find out your room specifications and dimensions. One way is to dig out your floor plan information to note the details of your rooms (ie. the size, shape and width of each room) and write the details on a notepad.

However if you are unable to find your floor plan, then you will have to physically measure each room. Take a measuring tape and measure the room one end to another. Note the length and write it down on each wall. It is important that the walls’ specifications from one end to another are as accurate as possible.

On each wall, it is important to know your features (e.g. contours, slope, bumps) in your room. These features are extremely important as these features will affect whether or not your wardrobe can be fitted on a particular wall. Note these features down as you will also need it for the ‘My Room Plan’ application.

Applying it to the internet application

Once you click on the link, you will see 2 sections of the application, the left section hosting the buttons to add the room layout and features. The right section of the application is where the layout of your room is placed.

Applying it to your room layout

With the notes you have taken, start by choosing the room layout that corresponds to your notes.  You can also customize your room layout if the application do not have proper layout.

Once you selected/draw a room layout you can drag the walls to correspond to your notes or double click the walls to key in the value in millimeters.

Adding features

After applying your room layout, select the features and place them in your room layout. Again, the features can be edited by double clicking it.  The item can also be shifted by entering the number of millimeters away from the wall.

Removing features

To remove any features, just double click on the feature and click the remove button to remove the object.