We have such a vast choice, it will be easy to find your personal preference, although in our experience older people tend to choose light colours like white matt, pear wood, Ivory matt , Elma, Beech and a maple colour with most choosing a traditional style. But when it comes to young generation or kids, they like to have dark colours from dark Walnut, Black Gloss , Red Gloss and many more. There is also a trend these days to mix and match different colours e,g. dark Walnut Carcase complimented by Ivory Gloss doors, which looks surprisingly very classy.

Pricing varies a great deal depending upon bedroom size, style, colours and the internal specification, as costs will increase if for example you have more internal drawers.  On an average, the cost would be between  £1800 to £2600 for each fitted bedroom.  If you have some measurements and you require a rough estimate, please email the sizes to: and we will be happy to give you an average price for your fitted wardrobes.